Additional Info:

At Salon Fifth Avenue we strive to provide our clients with hair styling services for every aspect of their lives. With our knowledge and creativity we will provide our clients with cutting edge updo’s and flattering everyday hair styles.

Services Available:

  • Basic Blowout
  • Heated styles (flat iron or curling iron)
  • Updo’s & Formal Hairstyles
  • Wedding Hairstyles
  • Everyday styles for short-medium & long hair
  • Classic Roller Sets & Pin Curls

A basic blowout is a great way to achieve straight hair without losing natural waves. By smoothing the hair with the correct directional air flow we are able to add fullness, volume and even shine

Heated styles give our clients the ability to temporarily change the texture of their hair from curly to straight or straight to curly. Each stylist at Salon Fifth Avenue is able to customize your curls from loose beach style waves to vintage traditional curls.

We are also here to provide our clients with the most stunning looks for all of their special occasions. Whether it be a wedding, prom, holiday event, or even just a night on the town we are the salon to see for perfection.

Let’s not forget the lost art of roller sets and pin curls. These styles have been practiced in our salon for 50 years and now are on the verge of a major come back. We are the go to place for your vintage (Aubrey Hepburn) looks.