Additional Info:

Amy specializes in creative and corrective coloring,  Brazilian Blowout (smoothing treatments),a variety of hair extension applications; make up application and eye lash extensions as well as wet and dry hair cutting.

Why did you become a stylist ?:  I have always loved to play with hair!  It’s the only thing I knew for sure that I wanted to do when I grew up!  It’s like art, and I like the creativeness it brings out in me.  I have been able to meet some wonderful people doing what I do that I would not have otherwise been able to meet!

What do you like most about your job?: What I like most is making someone feel great!  Awesome hair makes us all feel good inside and out! Our salon is a wonderful environment to be in and I have the BEST clients and co-workers.

What’s your favorite hair product?: I love the Velvet Gelatine, Full Frame, Rootful and the Pureology lines are hard to beat for all hair types!

What’s your favorite service to provide?:  Creative coloring and hair extensions because they give my clients instant gratification!  I LOVE IT!!   Clients are always amazed at the results of the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment; and I love that I can help make them LOVE their hair!!


Certifications & Classes:

*Sam Villa Cutting Classes

*Brazilian Blowout Certified

*Babe Hair Extension Certified

*Redken Cutting and Coloring classes

*Eyelash Extension Certified

*Pureology Certified

*Mirabella Makeup Classes