July product of the month: chosen by Donna

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Get 10% off

Nail Tek- Ridge filling Foundations

Smooths out unsightly ridges and nail damage while forming a smooth base for your nail polish.

“I LOVE it!! Even if you are not wearing polish, try it and see how smooth your nails look!!” Donna

Choose from:

Soft Peeling Nail Formula

Hard Brittle Nail Formula

Weak Damaged Nail Formula

Warming up your Hair Color For Fall

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Its that time of year the air is getting crisper the leaves will be changing colors from green to yellow/gold, orange, and red. The cooler hues of Summer are slowly fading away and becoming richer and warmer for Fall. Blondes its a great time to deepen your color warm it up with a golden tone or maybe add some low lights. Brunettes you can add some red to your color or go a shade deeper. There are many options when it comes to your hair and color. Remember your stylist is always open to new ideas!

fall color2fall color1

Salon Fifth Avenue: How It All Began

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S5A Logo

Who:        Julie Little  (owner of Salon 5th Avenue)

When:      September 1978

Where:     Stopped at a red light between Pershing Avenue and Beaver   Street in downtown York.

What:       Little did I know my future was about to take shape…

How:        I looked to my right and saw the sign “Empire Beauty School”!

Say What??:   I told my parents that I would like to go to Beauty School…

The rest is history!! 🙂


I started my first job as a hairstylist in October of 1979 at Paul of 5th Avenue South. I became Manager and 12 years later my dear friend and mentor Arlene gave me the great opportunity of purchasing the salon!

Seven years ago Paul of 5th Avenue underwent a thorough gutting and renovation at which time I decided to lay “Paul” to rest, (who was he anyway?) and so was birthed Salon Fifth Avenue!!

As Salon 5th Avenue our team offers a wide variety of cut, color and texture services designed specifically for your hair type and lifestyle! Our services are guaranteed to meet the best possible expectations as our staff stays educated and informed of the latest technological advances in order to provide you with the latest in hair and nail care.

We offer complimentary consultations because we feel that communication between client and stylist is crucial to successful hairstyling! It is always our goal to give you the best experience and the best customer service possible. We are a warm friendly salon and  want you to feel like one of the family!!

We do hair AND we DO care…! 🙂